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Mark Samuel is the CEO and Founder of B STATE, LLC, focused on facilitating breakthrough business and culture transformation within a six-month timeframe. He has been a prominent figure in the Accountability Movement since 1986, renowned for his practical visionary approach and ability to identify and overcome obstacles hindering teamwork, collective execution, and organizational success.

Mark Samuel's life journey has been shaped by his diverse upbringing and a desire for unity among different cultures. Martin Luther King, Jr. became a significant influence in his life. During a visit to Disneyland at a young age, Mark questioned why people of different backgrounds could easily get along there but not in the world at large. This question set him on a path to transform how people and cultures come together to create positive breakthrough results.

A notable highlight was being a guest speaker at Colombia's Conference on Restorative Justice, where he shared the stage with esteemed figures like Rev. Desmond Tutu and other delegates from Mandela's team. Mark is still creating positive transformation in Colombia with a local team using his methodology in Latin America, in addition to having local teams in Europe and Australia applying his methodology in those regions

Through his work, Mark has made a lasting positive impact on numerous companies worldwide. Some notable examples include Chevron Corporation, Genentech-Roche, Women for Women, Baptist Healthcare, Honda Corporation, Enbridge Pipeline, Texas Instruments, Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, AMGEN, Netherlands Health System, Royal Bank of Canada (RBC), Takeda Pharmaceuticals, University of California at Berkeley, Baxter Regional Medical Center, National Health System (NHS) in Great Britain, Kaiser Permanente, Habitat for Humanity, US Nuclear Power Stations, Michelin, Light & Wonder, Renesas Electronics, and Scopely.

He is an award-winning and bestselling author of "Reimagine Teams," "B STATE: A New Roadmap for Bold Leadership, Brave Culture, and Breakthrough Results," "The Power of Personal Accountability," "Making Yourself Indispensable," and "Creating the Accountable Organization."

Mark has been recognized as an expert in Accountability and Leadership, with appearances on CNBC, Bloomberg, Fast Company, and Fortune Magazine. He also contributes columns to Forbes and also Thrive Global, hosting a video podcast on Conscious Leadership, which has been viewed by leaders around the world.

Mark is a highly sought-after speaker and has addressed audiences at national conferences and organizations across North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. His speaking style is engaging, inspirational, humorous, interactive, and thought-provoking.

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Why Inspire Your Audience with Mark Samuel

Mark Samuel has spoken to audiences all around the world from different cultures with inspiring messages that elevate each person’s mindset to new possibilities. Mark’s interactive presentations build self-awareness with positive thought-provoking messages that leave people feeling empowered and hopeful for the future. His style brings lighthearted humor, sincerity, and humility that audiences relate to regardless of age, gender, culture, or status. Utilizing his formal teaching background, Mark engages his audience for optimal experiential learning of his thought leadership to practical application.

Mark’s breadth of topics leverages his vast experience of Executive Coaching, Leading Breakthrough Change Projects within entrepreneurial to multi-billion-dollar Fortune 500 companies, and being a recognized authority in Accountability, Culture Change, and Conscious Business Leadership.

Mark’s 10 Most Popular Topics

Creating Breakthrough Changes in Your Life and Organization

Empowering Teams to Create Breakthrough Results

Building Execution Trust – The Key to High Performance

The Power of Personal Accountability to Accomplish Your Dreams

Leading Urgent Business Transformation

Developing Transformational Leaders That Inspire High Performance

Coaching Others to Foster Personal Ownership for Driving Success

3 Keys for Setting Priorities to Drive Success

Creating a Culture for Succession Planning and Leadership at Every Level

Fostering Balance in an Overwhelming Environment




Gay Hendricks

Ph.D., Author of the Best-selling book, The Big Leap

“Mark Samuel’s book provides a highly useful roadmap to a higher level of functioning he calls ‘B State.’ Business leaders everywhere could benefit from reading this book and applying its powerful tools.”


Arianna Huffington

Founder, The Huffington Post and Thrive Global.

"An inspiring guide to being accountable in all aspects of your life - from work to home to relationships...a roadmap to achievement and a source of practical wisdom."


Victor Cho

CEO of Evite

“I have focused on business and organizational transformation for the last 25 years, and I can attest that the key levers that Mark describes in this book work: a powerful shared purpose, collaborative vs. siloed priorities, and building positive energy—these are the pillars of a successful transformation.”

Jamie Woolf

Co-founder of Creativity Partners and former Director of Culture and Learning, Pixar

"Reimagine Teams inspired me to turn my way of thinking about team dynamics upside down. With Mark Samuel’s captivating examples and powerful framework, we now have a way to approach team improvement that leads to lasting and significant change. This book will save leaders countless hours of frustration focusing on symptoms instead of the root causes of team breakdowns."

David Allen

Author of Getting Things Done and Productivity Consultant

"Making Yourself Indispensable …A terrific operations manual for getting and staying in the driver’s seat of life."

Stu Semigran

President and Co-Founder, EduCare Foundation

"Our mission is to teach youth the three new R’s: Respect, Resiliency, and Responsibility. An underlying value for achieving this end is personal accountability. The concepts and methods taught in [Making Yourself Indispensable] are practical and valuable for teenagers and anyone guiding teenagers to become future leaders and responsible citizens."

Jim Barnes

Former CEO of enVista

"He’s done it again! Mark Samuel has written another compelling, relevant, and engaging book on how to move an organization from ‘A State’ to ‘B State.’ Beyond organizational accountability, Samuel’s practical tips and critical insight help leaders effectively drive organizational performance to meet desired outcomes and goals. Very seldom today do you read business books that deliver an ‘aha’ moment. B State does not disappoint; it is a must-read for any executive."


Reimagining Teams

with Dr. Madelyn Blair

On The Brink

with Andi Simon

Old Rules to Break

The Tony Durso Show

The Power of Personal Accountability

with Charlie Hedges

The Power of Accountability

with Greg Voisen

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Everyday MBA

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with Peter Winick

This is how you should build a team

with Debra Wood

Thought Leadership

with Mitch Levy

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with Dr. Dianne Hamilton



Steve Chandler

- Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author

"You could call Mark Samuel something of a magician. He’s an innovative, pioneering management consultant who —I’m not kidding— seems to work magic in organizations. With his skillful touch, stalled companies fire up into productivity; companies that were stuck shake loose and find their freedom and flow."



  1. Your vision is to bring diverse people and cultures together to create breakthrough results. When were you sparked with that vision?
  2. What project were you a part of that most impacted the world?
  3. What is one thing that organizations, communities, and families could do differently to create a greater quality of life and breakthrough success at the same time?
  4. Why is accountability so critical for fostering trust and safe communications in families, communities, and organizations?
  5. What is the one skill that is your secret sauce for achieving successful results regardless if you are an individual, team, family, or organization?
  6. Popular belief and literature emphasizes building relationships as the first key for building teams. Yet, you disagree? Why?
  7. What is the one thing people can do to create a sense of peace, joy, and gratitude, when life is hard, overwhelming, and stressful?
  8. What’s been your biggest challenge in your process of becoming successful in your life? And, how did you overcome that challenge?
  9. What is your greatest passion outside of transforming people’s lives in organizations, teams, and families?
  10. What would your direct reports say about you - positive and area for improvement?
  11. You’ve been married more than once. What advice would you give others to create a lasting relationship?
  12. An email/phone number for them to contact you. It can be one or the other or both.

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